Our Terroir

Located at the mouth of the Loire river, the vineyard of Nantes region is a rare combination of terroirs.

Coming from Hercynian metamorphic formations (-400 million years), the Armorican massif extends to the region of Vendée. The subsoil of our region consists of eruptive rocks (gabbro-granite) and metamorphic rocks (gneiss-schist-amphibolite).

La Guipière is based on parent rocks of mica schist or amphibolite in a disintegrating phase.

The subsoil helps the vines rooting and a natural soil drainage. The land is wholesome, filtering and therefore ideally suited to the plantation of the vine. The area is mainly planted with Melon de Bourgogne, Folle Blanche and Gamay grapes.

The wines will be characterized by a certain earliness, a great finesse, a beautiful minerality and will develop a good evolution.

The Loire Valley vineyard

Geographical set of Château Guipière Wines